We offer Bulk containers, 55 gallon drum barrel,  and inside storage containers. Our trucks are equipped with state of the art systems to remove your grease quickly and mess free. While other companies just pump out there containers, we at Double R Grease Service make sure that all our containers stay clean by cleaning them periodically.

At Double R Grease Service our first priority is you- the customer. We understand that our customers have a large selection of recyclers to choose from and that’s why we always put your satisfaction first.

We Service a wide variety of customers including:

  • Food manufactures
  • Franchises
  • Government and military facilities
  • Hospitals and Nursing homes
  • Restaurant chains
  • Small businesses
  • Sporting arenas and complexes
  • Theme parks

It is important to dispose of your used cooking grease properly not only because it is required by law but because it is devastating to the environment. One of the results of improperly disposing of grease, oil and fat is clogged sewer lines. That will lead to sewage spills that can cause public health problems, add unwanted nutrients to our water environment and cause excessive growth of algae that disrupts the ecosystem.